Old Rhosdhu 1993 and Domaine de Baraillon 1976 – The Roots

Old Rhosdhu 1993 and Domaine de Barraillon 1976

Previously, I shared my thoughts on The Roots, a bottler based in Belgium, and his first releases in a previous review. I was really impressed with his initial three bottles. Today, I will be reviewing two additional bottles: Old Rhosdhu 1993 and Domaine de Barraillon 1976.

First, we have the Old Rhosdhu, which was created in 1967 at the Loch Lomond Distillery but was discontinued in 2000. While there were few single malt releases, some have been available in recent years from independent bottlers. These are typically vintages from 1990 and 1993. Most of these bottlings have been well-received, so luckily, they are now more commonly found. So let’s see if this one meets the same standard of quality.

This Old Rhosdhu has matured in a hogshead for 29 years and is bottled at a strength of 50.8% ABV.

Old Rhosdhu 1993 tasting notes:

Nose: apple juice and fresh pears, and also a subtle note of pineapple. A hint of creamy vanilla and some lovely wax. A floral note in the back, followed by apricots and sweet oranges. A touch of hay as well. Well, this is a good start! Lovely nose.

Taste: more of the vanilla, along with an abundance of fruity flavours, that lean towards tropical fruits such as pineapple, apricots, and peaches. A touch of rosemary, ginger, and black pepper follows this.

Finish: a long, somewhat drying finish, with fruity notes, as well as hints of liquorice, thyme, black pepper, and a subtle touch of oak.

I am really enjoying the fruity notes in this dram, which work nicely with the spices, and there is even a lovely herbal note. Yes, there is a lot to find in this one, but everything is well-balanced. Overall, this Old Rhosdhu is simply delicious!

Score: 89/100

It’s time to try a malternative now! Because The Roots not only bottles whisky but also other spirits. This particular Bas-Armagnac from the Belgian Domaine de Baraillon is rather special as it has never been released by an independent bottler before. After maturing for 45 years in a barrique, it was bottled at 44% ABV.

Domaine de Baraillon 1976 tasting notes:

Nose: prunes at first, followed by apricot marmalade. Then Earl Grey tea. There are hints of oak and tobacco, as well as notes of honey, coffee, and nutmeg.

Taste: an abundance of rich dark chocolate. A lovely honey, followed by dried fruits like raisins and apricots. Dark cherries. Tobacco leaves and coffee. A hint of menthol. Finally, some spices, such as black pepper, and a pinch of nutmeg.

Finish: long, with the same spices and a note of menthol, as well as dark chocolate and coffee.

And that’s another excellent release from the Roots! This Armagnac is rich in taste, with beautiful flavours that complement each other perfectly.

Score: 89/100

Samples provided by The Roots.

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