Tasting notes: Port Charlotte Scottish Barley

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley

Next to the unpeated Bruichladdich and the super heavily peated Octomore you have the Port Charlotte range with heavily peated whisky. Port Charlotte is distilled at the Bruichladdich distillery as well, but it is matured in the original old stone warehouses in Port Charlotte. The Port Charlotte Scottish Barley is part of their core range and this is the one I am tasting today.

This Port Charlotte is a no age statement whisky and bottled at 50% ABV. It has matured in American and European oak casks and peated to a level of 40 PPM. Made of 100% Scottish barley, hence the name.

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley tasting notes:

Nose: Oh yes there is peat! (But not as much as I aspected, which is good) A lot of vanilla, freshly cut grass, eucalyptus, lemon and cookie dough in the background, a bit nutty as well.

Taste: A lot of peat now, liquorice, vanilla and a feint hint of honey. Buttery, but there is also a touch of bitterness, not much though.

Finish: Peat, peat and peat, oh and did I mention peat? The finish is mid-long.

It is quite mellow and not very complex. The peat dominates but then again it is a heavily peated whisky.

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