Miltonduff 1998, Chapter 7

Miltonduff 1998

This Miltonduff 1998 was my first acquaintance with indie bottler Chapter 7 and that was certainly not a bad one! But before I immediately start reviewing this Miltonduff, first a brief introduction to this Swiss independent bottler.

Chapter 7 was founded in 2014 by Selim Evin. At that time it was still a one-man business next to his day job. But after 5 years it started to itch, so in 2019 Selim decided to take it a step further. A partner joined and Chapter 7 was moved from Switzerland to Scotland.

A smart move, because although COVID-19 provided the first lockdown in the spring of 2020, the first batch of 7 editions was launched including new branding divided into 3 series (Monologue, Anecdote and Chronicle). Ranging from single casks, rare small batches and the latter one being a collection of whiskies where they go back to the same casks showcase their evolution year after year. Even though it wasn’t the easiest time, the first batch seemed to be a success and that brings us to this Miltonduff 1998, a 21 year old single malt from that very same batch.

This Miltonduff has matured in a bourbon hogshead and is bottled at 49.7% ABV.

Miltonduff 1998 tasting notes:

Nose: unripe pears and apple juice. Heather honey. A hint of vanilla. Later also a note of barley. Pine needles and lemons. And then it goes towards oranges. A faint floral note and also a faint coconut element. Oh, this just keeps developing. Later also a herbal note, mostly towards fresh thyme.

Taste: fresh lemon juice. Unripe pears and a touch of vanilla. Heather honey here as well. A hint of kiwi. Oranges. Minerals. A mixture of ginger and eucalyptus. Which is followed by fresh thyme.

Finish: a long finish with barley notes and honey, lemons, oranges, a hint of grapefruit and kiwi too. Minerals and eucalyptus.

This dram needs time, but if you give it that, you will be rewarded with a beautiful whisky. A delicious Speysider, where there is a lot going on in your glass. Every time a new element is added. This is such a whisky you want to nose and sip for a very long time. It just keeps developing!

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  1. Delicious review Noortje!

    I can always enjoy a fresh, fruity and floral Miltonduff. And this sounds like a perfect showdown.
    We still need to dive in our Chapter 7 samples, but we’ll do so soon after reading these notes!


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