Tasting notes: Springbank 1972 – Cadenhead

Springbank 1972

Almost every week someone asks me what my favorite whisky is or my favourite brand. A question that I can not answer, because I don’t have just one favourite. There are several brands that I find interesting and that is also the case with whiskies.

But one of my absolute favourites is Springbank. This is a brand that I keep returning to and that is also evident from my tasting notes, as it turns out to be the most reviewed brand. And I expect that this will remain the same for a while, as this is a brand that delivers quality and very often manages to surprise me.

So for today it’s time for, you guessed it, another Springbank! A Springbank 1972 bottled by Cadenhead for the Authentic Collection series. This one has matured for 20 years and is bottled at 56,5% ABV.

Springbank 1972 tasting notes:

Nose: Musty, earthy, and dunnage warehouse. Coffee and chocolate. Then it becomes fruity with a hint of white fruits like pears, but also sour oranges and raisins. It is somewhat smoky. After adding a few drops of water I also get strawberries and red cherries.

Taste: Sweet and spicy. Honey glazed oranges, dried fruits. Tobacco leaves. And quite peppery and spicy. With a few drops of water: a lot fruitier and fresher. The spicy aspects have been replaced by more fruity notes.

Finish: The finish is dry and very long. Very dark chocolate, and it seems somewhat peaty. With water: the finish is shorter and more musty.

It is somewhat rough, but I absolutely love it! An excellent whisky!

Many many thanks to Roger for the sample!

Photo: The Whisky Exchange

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