Springbank Rum Wood 15-year-old

Springbank Rum Wood

It has been a while, but today I have finally something from my favourite Campbeltown distillery on the menu again. And that will be the limited and very popular Springbank Rum Wood! Released in August last year and, as it comes with highly sought after bottles, this one has long been sold out in most places. Unless you want to score one for a ridiculously high price, there are still a number of liquor stores that sell it.

The use of rum casks has come to the fore more and more during the past year. And I have to say that it has produced quite a few nice releases, such as the Glen Scotia 15-year-old and the Longrow 15-year-old that were both bottled for the Campbeltown Malts Festival, but the Ardbeg Drum wasn’t that bad either although I personally found it to be the least I have tasted. A rum cask finish was chosen for the majority, but there are exceptions such as this Rum Wood, which has fully matured in rum casks. It worked great with the Longrow just mentioned, so I’m very curious how this will work with the less peated Springbank.

This Springbank is 15 years old and is bottled 51% ABV.

Springbank Rum Wood tasting notes:

Nose: Oh nice! There’s a little peat and even a faint diesel note at first. Lemons in the background. Then that typical Springbank farmyard note. And then it goes towards cane sugar, but nothing too much, it actually works well here. Later also bananas. Some chalk and vanilla. And it’s somewhat salty. A hint of tinned pineapples too.

Taste: Bananas at first! But also some peat here. And that farmyard note again. Oh, I like this. But more fruits now, mostly peaches and pears. Then it becomes a little sugary. A hint of liquorice. Creme Brulee and it’s somewhat salty.

Finish: Mid-long to long. Fruity with salt and pepper. Some chalk here as well. And a hint of cappucino.

This Springbank works perfectly in combination with the rum casks! The character is not blown away and it also ensures that it doesn’t get too sweet. A nice balance between the two. Yupppp, it totally works!

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