Tasting notes: Teeling 21 yo Vintage Reserve

Teeling 21
Something else today, not a whisky but a whiskey… Irish whiskey.Ā I’m not really familiar with Irish whiskey, I tried a few but not many. But I had this sample for a while now and thought it was about time to try this. Especially becauseĀ someone told me that this is really good stuff. So timeĀ to sit down and taste the Teeling 21 year old Vintage Reserve, batch 4!
ThisĀ 21 year old Irish single malt whiskey hasĀ matured in Bourbon casks and finished inĀ Sauternes wine casks for 12Ā months. It was bottled at 46% ABV.

Teeling 21 yo Vintage Reserve, batch 4 tasting notes:

Nose: White and tropical fruits, melons although a bit restrained. Some honey in the background. Some kind of metallic smell, but very light.
Taste: Nice, this is very good! Fruity, fruity, fruity, nice! A little bit spicy but for the rest, mouth coating, honey and so many fruits. Peaches, pineapple, very sweet overripe pears, honeydew melons (but the very ripe ones, with that overly sweetness) It has a bit of a chocolate taste to it, milk or white chocolate. A bit of a mix of both I guess. Very faint pepper in there.
The metallic part is in there to but I am not sure if it’s metallic, I think it tastesĀ more like the tip of a pencil. What a very nice fruit juice dram!
Finish: Sweet fruits, the pepper is getting back to me in the end. Tined apricotes and tined pineapples, absolutely a very nice finish. Thick mouthful feeling.
This is a very very good Irish whiskey. I am normally not so fond of Irish whiskies but this Teeling 21 year old (Batch 4) is stunning. A real winner and even leaning to 91 points if you ask me. The price tag is a bit high to be honest (especially if you look at the age) but it’s very good. Let’s switch to whiskey šŸ˜‰

Coffee whisky cake

Recipe: Coffee whisky cake with Cafe Noir biscuits

After several weeks of just posting tasting notes, I thought it was about time for a great new recipe!…

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