While I was writing a review for this Balvenie 17 year old, I actually wanted to mention that it had been a long time since I had tasted a Balvenie. But then it occurred to me that this is actually not true at all, it was only a few weeks ago when I reviewed this Speyside 1989 from Le Gus’t. (which was a Burnside, teaspooned Balvenie). So I have to correct that, it has been a long time since I tasted an OFFICIAL bottling from The Balvenie.

Anyway, I still had a sample of this, so I thought it would be nice to revisit it after such a long time. In my mind, this was a nice single malt, so I’m curious what I think of it now.

This Balvenie has matured in American Oak and Sherry Oak casks and is bottled at 43% ABV.

The Balvenie 17 year old tasting notes:

Nose: Plums at first. Raisins. Fresh oranges and red apples. A hint of honey and vanilla. Later also a faint floral note. Toffee and milk chocolate.

Taste: quite some honey here. Also caramel fudge and milk chocolate. It’s quite sweet and creamy. A hint of plums and raisins. Toffee. Somewhat oaky. At the end slightly spicy, with crushed black pepper, cinnamon and some ginger in the background. Anise seeds as well.

Finish: short to mid-long and somewhat drying. Toffee and the same spices as in the taste.

It’s a solid dram but a bit inoffensive. Very well balanced though. And the low ABV is actually fine here.