Tasting notes: Williamson 6 year old – That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Williamson 6 year old

This Williamson 6 year old is bottled by That Boutique-y Whisky Company is an undisclosed Islay whisky. But in fact, the name Williamson is actually just another name for Laphroaig. Sometimes independent bottlers can’t use the name Laphroaig, which has to do with certain contracts that are on the cask they purchase. And this name is allowed.

Williamson itself is a direct reference to Bessie Williamson, one of the former owners of distillery. A legend, not only because she was the only woman to own and manage a distillery in Scotland in the 20th century… She was also one of the first to anticipate the coming trend for single malt whisky and made Laphroaig the big brand as it is today by introducing it to the US market.

This Williamson is bottled at 50,2% ABV.

Williamson 6 year old tasting notes:

Nose: Seaweed, iodine and peat to start with. There is a lovely sea breeze and it’s a bit briny too. A hint of vanilla. And a fresh lemon note. Also some malted barley.

Taste: It’s quite clean and sweet. Vanilla, honey and a faint hint of citrus. Then some peat and seaweed. Later the peat, ashes are more dominant and the sweetness is pushed to the background. Also some barley which is covered in honey.

Finish: Seaweed, iodine, and peat again. Some ashes and it becomes a bit dry in the mouth.

Lovely and a rather clean Laphroaig. It’s quite good and very enjoyable for such a young whisky. Another Islay whisky that works very well at a young age.

Thanks again to Jason for the lovely sample. You can read his review here.

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