Tasting notes: Teeling 14 Revival III

Teeling 14

This Teeling 14 year old is the 3rd release of the Revival series. And this is a rather unusual one, as it has been finished in Pineau des Charentes casks. This is a fortified French wine made from Cognac eau-de-vie and grape must. These casks aren’t used that much and I believe it was the first time that it was used with an Irish whiskey. So that could be interesting…

This Teeling has matured in ex-bourbon cask, before being finished in these Pineau des Charentes casks. Bottled at 46% ABV.

Teeling 14 year old Revival III tasting notes:

Nose: Oh very sugary sweet, icing sugar cubes. Or in the Netherlands we have TumTums and they come with small pink sugar cubes. Then I get pear and banana. Some honey and vanilla. And some grassy notes too.

Taste: Yellow pears, bananas, honey and vanilla, and again grassy. But nothing big or outspoken but it’s nice enough.

Finish: The finish is rather short, with mainly sweet fruits.

It’s quite ok, but nothing more than that. It’s a bit thin on the palate and the finish is somewhat short but it’s an easy drinkable whisky. Good starter of the night or if you are in the mood for an easy dram. It looses points on the short finish and the rather steep price. (Sold in the Netherlands for around €110,-)

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