Whisky Burger with cheese and bacon


Yeah I know, always looking for a way to add whisky to my food. 😉 But the bbq season has started yesterday, at least for me, so why not start it with a whisky burger!

Ok, here we go. This is what you need to make 4 hamburgers:

500 gr. ground beef (go to your local butcher)
1 red onion
1 garlic glove (minced)
50 gr. sugar
5  tbs whisky
sea salt
a nice peace of cheddar cheese
Bacon (grilled)
4 white rolls
Lettuce (I used arugula, but any lettuce will do)
bbq sauce

This is how it is prepared:

  • Add the ground beef, sugar, half a onion, garlic and the whisky in a large bowl and mix it all together.
  • Divide the ground beef into 4 hamburgers.
  • Sprinkle the burgers right before they go up the barbecue with some sea salt.
  • Slice the rolls in half and spread each half with some softened butter and grill them shortly.
  • Grill the burgers over and over until the meat is browned on the outside and undercooked on the inside with a core temperature of 70ºC.
  • Place a slice of cheddar on to melt.
  • When all is done, put everything on the buns and you are ready to serve!

Enjoy your whisky burger!





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