Old White Horse blends… It’s something that sparks the imagination. It could be legendary as it might contain old style Lagavulin and Malt Mill. I don’t have any experience with old style Lagavulin or at least not from the 40’s, and Malt Mill only speaks to the imagination. So these tasting notes are purely based on the flavour and nose I am getting during this tasting, but I am very interested in exploring this one.

A big thanks to JJ from Whiskyrover for this wonderful sample (it’s hard to keep up in returning the favour) and the picture. You can read his review here. Now that brings me to my own tasting notes.

White horse blend 1940’s Tasting notes:

Nose: A whiff of smoke and peat. Striking that there is definitely Islay in there. Caramel, some sweet fruits and a bit of ginger too. Later on I get some menthol.

Taste: Salted caramel, menthol, honey and marshmallows or some kind of sugar. It’s very thin and watery, probably an effect of the age of bottling. At some point it is becoming really sweet.

Finish: The finish is rather short and is very sweet again.

Overall it might have been a good whisky back in the days, but I think it definitely lost something of its taste and/or is probably also a little bit oxidized. All in all, it was a great experience to taste something that old. And I would love to try it again in its original state someday and see if it is any different from this sample. But that will probably never happen. 🙂