3x Hyde Irish whiskey

Hyde Irish whiskey

A few months ago I already wrote a review of a Hyde Irish whiskey, but today another 3 reviews will be added. And because I already wrote a short introduction of this bottler at the time, we will talk today about their motto: “It’s all about the wood”.

Hyde purchases their whiskey from the well-known larger Irish distilleries, which they then finish in different types of casks. These are mainly bourbon, sherry, rum and Burgundy casks, but they are not afraid of an experiment here and there, so occasionally the more unusual casks are used, such as casks that previously held cognac or beer.

Besides buying whiskey only, they also source new make, however, this new make is fully matured in their own casks.

The first Hyde is the Hyde no. 8, which is a blend of 75% 4 year old single grain that has matured in a first fill flame charred bourbon cask. The other 25% is 4 year old single malt, matured in a toasted Oloroso sherry cask. It then was finished in an Irish stout infused ex-bourbon cask for about 5-6 months. Bottled at 46% ABV.

Hyde no. 8 The Heritage Cask tasting notes:

Nose: some kind of sour beer note. Lots of grain influence, a glue note and some coconut in the background. Then quite some lemon peels. Green apples. A hint of pineapple. Vanilla and cookie dough.

Taste: vanilla. Lemon peels again. Toffee. Pencil shavings. The texture is quite creamy. Cookie dough. There is milk chocolate, caramel fudge and this is followed rather quickly by a hint of green bananas in the background. Maple syrup. Black pepper. In the end, it gets a little bitter.

Finish: rather short. Vanilla and bananas. Black pepper. And again a sour note.

Score: 73/100

I am not completely convinced. It seems to miss a few things here. It’s a bit bland, to be honest. But maybe that is often the case with such a young grain whiskey, of which this blend consists the most. The stout cask finish doesn’t really add much to this either, except maybe a little in the nose. Too bad.

The Hyde no. 6 is a blend of 75% 8 year old grain whiskey and 25% older single malts (apparently 18 year old), after being finished in Oloroso sherry casks for 9 months. Also bottled at 46% ABV.

Hyde no. 6 President’s reserve tasting notes:

Nose: A hint of gun powder but that disappears rather quickly. Then it goes towards freshly made orange juice. Tropical fruits, but which one? Then it gets really sweet. Honey, caramel and maple syrup all at once.

Taste: Very sweet. Sugary even. In the very distance, I get some sherry influence. Sweet raisins. A tiny bit sulphury. But all in the very background. But it’s so sugary, it’s almost rum-like. Like a white sweet rum. Then maple syrup and honey.

Finish: Mid-long, sugary again.

Score: 76/100

Very unusual dram this. It’s so sweet that you would almost think it ‘s a rum cask, although you catch some sherry influence in there too. So probably the sweetness comes from all that grain whiskey that is added. No this is not for me, it’s way too sweet.

Last but not least, we have the Hyde no. 1, which is the only one with an age statement and it’s a single malt. It has matured in bourbon casks and finished in Oloroso sherry casks. Bottled at 46% ABV.

Hyde no. 1 President’s Cask 10 year old

Nose: Very light. Lemons in the background. Green apples. Wine gums. Icing sugar.

Taste: Oh I don’t know. The first sip is weird. Cardboard. Vanilla. It’s very watery or something and there isn’t much to discover. Some milk chocolate in the back. Some spices, nutmeg and some black pepper. Coffee. It doesn’t taste really nice, to be honest. There is this weird off note in there that I can’t define. Grapefruit later.

Finish: mid-long. With that same note. Some chocolate.

Score: 72/100

It’s not what I would have had expected from this 10 year old. I was hoping this would be the best out of three. But unfortunately not. There is this weird note in it that I just can’t get over. Too bad, but again this is not for me. The nose, however, is nice.

Samples provided by Hyde Whiskey.

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