Ardbeg Blasda (Gaelic for sweet and delicious) is a bit of an outsider. This limited edition Ardbeg is less peaty and bottled at a lower ABV than all the other Ardbeg whiskies. Ever since this whisky is on the market (sold out a long time ago) there is still much talked about. People love it or hate it.

The Ardbeg Blasda is chill-filtered and bottled at 40% ABV. Chill-filtered. It has been matured in a sherry hogshead.

Ardbeg Blasda tasting notes:

Nose: Very light and fresh. Light peat, but also fresh notes like grass and lemon. There is some sweetness of marzipan. And then a feint hint of coconut appears. A bit salty as well.

Taste: Oily mouthfeel which I didn’t expect after that light nose. Light peated, sweet like honey and some citrus fruits. Liquorice at the end.

Finish: The Finish is medium long and is a little bit dry. Salty liquorice and pepper.

Easy to drink and quite simple, definitely not your average Ardbeg. It is a nice summer dram, but a bit too expensive for what you get.