Arran 1999, Gordon & MacPhail

Arran 1999

Arran has never really been high on my list of whiskies to try. It was never really my thing. But for a year or so I have started to appreciate their whisky more and more. However, I must admit that I still haven’t bought any bottle from Arran yet. But luckily there are a few people who occasionally pass me a sample of Arran so I still get to explore the brand a bit anyway.

One of those people is my dad, a big fan of Arran, who tries to persuade me again and again by pouring me an Arran when I visit him or he gives me a sample of his latest Arran purchase to taste it at home. His last attempt was this Quarter Cask. And now there was Rudi a.k.a. Dramtastic.86 on Intstagram, who gave me a sample of this Arran 1999 from Gordon & MacPhail last week, adding the words: “you really should try this one!” Well, then we will! 😉

This Arran has matured in refill bourbon barrels for 19 years and is bottled at 46% ABV.

Arran 1999 tasting notes:

Nose: plenty of pears and red apples. Vanilla too. A hint of freshly cut grass. Lemons and later also green bananas.

Taste: vanilla. Unripe pears and gooseberries. Nectarines. Marzipan. Mint and anise seed towards the end. A pinch of white pepper but very faint.

Finish: mid-long with a hint of white pepper, vanilla and pears again.

I don’t think it’s your typical Arran, but I find it rather tasty and very nicely balanced. It’s not a difficult dram, but more like a very enjoyable easy sipper with really good flavours.

Many thanks to Rudi for the sample!

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  1. Hey Noortje,

    I’m glad you liked the dram and the funny fact is… We’ve got the same thoughts about Arran and this dram. It really changed my point of view, in a good way 😉
    It’s like a tropical summer in a glass, with a whip ofs white pepper.


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