Ben Nevis 2012, Roger’s Whisky Company

Ben Nevis 2012

The young Dutch bottler Roger’s Whisky Company is back with two new releases: A Campbeltown blend and a Ben Nevis 2012, which I’ll be reviewing today.

It is his second Ben Nevis and this one is a few years older than his previous release. But there are more differences, as this latest release was matured in a bourbon cask and is unpeated, while the other one was a peated Ben Nevis that was also matured in a 1st fill sherry cask. Yup, that is quite the contrast between the two, so I’m very curious what this one will bring.

This Ben Nevis has matured in a bourbon cask for 8 years and is bottled at 54% ABV.

Ben Nevis 2012 tasting notes:

Nose: rather malty, with notes of barley and oats. Then I get unripe pears and vanilla. Lemons in the background. Powdered sugar. A little bit of honey.

Taste: more notes of barley. A hint of melon and apricots. Lemons peels. A faint hint of white pepper and nutmeg.

Finish: mid-long with a hint of honey, a barley note and lemons.

Although older than the previous release, this one feels a bit younger. The nose is good, but I’m just missing something in the taste. Not bad at all, but it just feels a bit too young there. Yes, there is some fruit on the palate, but I would have liked to see that come forward a little more. It’s a nice whisky, but the previous edition remains my favourite.

Sample provided by Roger’s Whisky Company.

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