Tasting notes: Teaninich Manager’s Dram 17 yo

Teaninich Manager's dram

Today I will review the Teaninich Manager’s Dram. It is the first Teaninich that I write notes for, and I don’t think that many will follow. It’s not because the whisky is not good, but it’s just hard to find a Teaninich whisky.

You may have never heard of Teaninich, and that’s not that strange. It is one of Diageo’s distilleries that is mainly used for making blends. It doesn’t even has an official bottling, like Clynelish has their 14 year old or Glen Elgin their 12 year old. There was only a 10 year old available in the Flora and Fauna series. Just once in a while there is a release via an independent bottler, but not that much either.

This Teaninich has matured in a refill cask and is bottled at 58,3% ABV.

Teaninich Manager’s Dram tasting notes:

Nose: It starts quite sweet, which reminds me of sugar waffles with powdered sugar on top, but combined with a hint of clay or plasticine. Followed by some citrus, and honey. There is a bit of vanilla too.

Taste: More powdered sugar and honey. A hint of kiwi. The vanilla can be found here as well. Also a bit nutty, and then mostly almonds. This all ends with a coffee bitterness.

Finish: The finish is quite long, also with that bitterness from coffee, mixed with vanilla.

Hmm, this is strange, I’ve tasted this whisky before and I really thought it was better. But now that I’ve written these notes, I find it a little dissapointing. It tastes good, but it’s not a very interesting whisky. Perhaps it lost some of its taste because this bottle was open for some time now?

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