A while ago I tasted a Big Peat for the first time and partly because of that asked Robbert from Confessionsofawhiskyfreak if I was also interested in tasting the Big Peat Feis Ile Edition. Of course, I was!

I was really curious how my batch 98 would compare to this Feis Ile edition, so I tasted them side by side to find out if there are actually differences between the two, especially because they are both bottled at 46% ABV and on top of that there are so many Big Peats released every year, which made me wonder if all releases come from the same ”big bowl’ of blending mix. Although the latter may not always work like that, because there are also, for instance, batches with an age statement, like this Feis Ile bottling.

This Big Peat is 8 years and bottled at a strength of 46% ABV.

Big Peat Feis Ile tasting notes:

Nose: at first, I don’t get much difference with Batch 98, it’s fairly close together. But then it goes somewhat more towards the citrus notes. There’s more vanilla too and it seems less peaty? Sweet mandarins. Batch 98 seems to have far more towards the Islay notes, such as brine and a seaweed note, but I don’t get that in this one. Although there is also a salty note in Feis Ile editon, but it goes way more towards the fruity notes. A hint of a sweet melon now as well. Pears and apples. Icing sugar and a sugar barley note. Later there’s also a faint floral note.

Taste: the peat is here as well, somewhat ashy too. It’s less fruity then the nose suggests, but they are there. Quite sweet as well, with vanilla and plenty of it. Less salty than Batch 98, but softer and creamier. Milk chocolate and creamy caramel fudge.

Finish: mid-long with a hint of peat. But the fruit is back here, with mainly unripe pears and apples. A pinch of white pepper too.

This one is softer and creamier than batch 98, which has that Islay punch for just a little more. Nevertheless, it is one that also has the same notes. But nice to see that there is some difference. A solid blend, just like the other one. But just a bit simpler, so a slightly lower score from me.

Many thanks to Robbert for the sample!