After a succesful first edition, Glenfiddich has announced that there will be a new virtual distillery tour. The name of the new Glenfiddich virtual tour, will be ‘Journey into the Mind of the Malt Master’ and will be highlighting the mastery and craft of single malt production.

Users are taken on a 360° journey and start by soaring above the Speyside countryside and from there they are plunged into the distillery. They are given a unique perspective from inside a mash tun, steaming copper pot stills slide past, fermenters drop down and thousands of casks in the warehouse build up around them. Hosted by a charming Scottish guide, the iconic Glenfiddich stag makes a memorable appearance or two.

The premiere will be held at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris and it will be showcases at series of experiential tasting events in leading bars and travel retail environments across the world throughout this year. The film will also be live online, across the brand’s social channels and maximising the recently updated VR functionality on YouTube and Facebook.

Dates will be announched soon.

For more info about the Dutch virtual tours:

Source: Whiskybusiness