Yes, finally, another Littlemill on the menu! That sounds rather special now, but until a few years ago, quite a lot of Littlemills were released for a very reasonable price. You can hardly imagine it now, but it was really the case.

Of course, all whisky has become more expensive these days, and because Littlemill closed in 1994, the supply of Littlemill casks is also drying up quickly. So it’s not surprising that the price is now also rising sharply.

Too bad for us whisky enthusiasts, but understandable. This Littlemill 1984, bottled for the US market, was such a one that you could still pick up for a reasonable price. I feel very privileged to have been able to buy these kinds of bottles (that’s because I’m very old🙄), but unfortunately, this doesn’t fit in my budget anymore. But these things have been discussed repeatedly, so let’s see how it tastes.

This Littlemill is bottled at a strength of 62.1% ABV.

Littlemill 1984 tasting notes:

Nose: oh, this is deliciously fruity—overripe pears, apricots, pineapple, and papaya. But also freshly cut grass, something I have very often in Littlemill. A light floral note. Followed by a hint of vanilla sugar and banana candies. Later I also get lemons and a touch of green apples. Water brings out coconut shavings, more of the floral note, and tropical fruits, including Cantaloupe melon.

Taste: passion fruit and papaya. But instead of ripe pears, I get unripe pears this time. Some creamy vanilla. A note of pink grapefruit as well. It’s pretty fruity again. Very lovely. There is a tiny oak note, but very in the back. Slightly peppery due to the high ABV. Adding water makes it softer, and the pepper and oak notes are gone, making way for more fruit!

Finish: long with plenty of tropical fruit again. A hint of Acacia honey and vanilla. Minerals. Pink grapefruit gives it a little bit of a bitter edge, but when you add water, this will be gone.

Although it is very drinkable despite its high ABV, I think it could use a few drops of water, turning into a beautiful and elegant single malt. It’s a very elegant dram, nicely balanced with abundant fruits. Tropical fruits mostly! A delicious dram with plenty of those classic Littlemill notes.