Tasting notes: Springbank 15 year old

Springbank 15 year old

On the menu today, an older version of the Springbank 15 year old, most likely bottled in 2002. As you may know by now, I am a big fan of Springbank but that wasn’t always the case.

Back in 2002 I didn’t even know what Springbank was. I had just discovered whisky (thanks to my father) and I only knew the popular entry-level whiskies. Whisky was just something I drank occassionally. But over the years my love for whisky grew and my taste changed. I discovered Springbank and nowadays it’s a brand I always come back to. Rather nice, that I now have the opportunity to taste this 15 year old Springbank that is bottled in the early years of my whisky journey.

This Springbank has matured in sherry casks and is bottled at 46% ABV.

Springbank 15 year old tasting notes:

Nose: Diesel oil, a hint of minerals. Dried fruits and blue berries, plums too. Oranges and a hint of leather. A touch of perfume on the background, but not in a bad way. Tobacco leaves. Later ashy, which becomes stronger when leaving it standing for a while. The ash turns into peat. And back to diesel oil again.

Taste: Peat, diesel oil and ash at first. Then there is sweetness from honey and dried fruits. Oranges here as well. Plums and some dark chocolate. It is slightly watery, but not too much.

Finish: The finish is short to mid-long with chocolate, peat and a bit of diesel oil.

A nice old Springbank, but could have used a little bit more layers in the taste en the finish is a bit flat too.

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