SRV5 batch 1, Thompson Bros


This SRV5 (Station Road Vat 5) is an 8 year old blended malt from the Thompson Bros, and this is the first batch.

To create this blend, the boys use a solera cask. This European oak cask is 1200 litres in size and will never be completely emptied. Before bottling, 2/3 is removed from the solera cask, which is then poured directly into an intermediate vessel. Here the blended malt is reduced to an ABV of 48.5%.

To create the following batch, the solera cask will be replenished with new single malts, where it is mixed again with the remaining part of the first batch.

So what exactly goes into this blended malt? Single malts from the regions of Islay, Northern Highlands, and Speyside. I’ve heard many good things about this whisky, so I’m curious if it lives up to the expectations.

This SRV5 was bottled at a strength of 48.5% ABV.

SRV5 Blended Malt tasting notes:

NOSE: rather soft and fruity. Galia melons and ripe pears. A touch of minerals and smoke. A lovely waxy note. Vanilla custard and butterscotch. Then a hint of bananas, which is followed by lemon zest and pink grapefruit. Later also a drop of honey.

TASTE: again with those lovely Galia melons, but this time mixed with a dash of fresh lemon juice. Butterscotch and vanilla. A hint of bananas, followed by a little bit of smoke and minerals as well. Granny Smith apples and pink grapefruit.

FINISH: mid-long with lemons and grapefruit. But there is a bit of smoke too.

Nothing too complicated but a lovely daily dram that is also quite affordable. Great for the summer and I think many people will like this one. Worth trying while it’s still available!

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