The Aberlour 18 year old has been introduced in 2008, before that it was only available for the French market. Today it is still part of Aberlour´s core range and won several awards. It’s been a while since I had tasted it and was wondering if I would find it still as good as I used to.

This Aberlour has matured in ex bourbon casks and in Oloroso sherry casks and is bottled at 43% ABV.

Aberlour 18 year old tasting notes:

Nose: Hmm, very creamy and buttery. Dark and red fruit. Raisins. Followed by oranges and a hint of lemon. This adds some freshness to the nose. Also a hint of beeswax and caramel. All very nice. If you put it aside for a few minutes honey appears and a lot of it, but not too much. The creaminess dissapears.

Taste: Less creamy than the nose. Less fruity too, but they are still here. Raisins. Oak. Then it ends with spices and it is a little bitter too, but still pleasant. The taste is a little bit flat, almost watery.

Finish: Mid-long with spices and dark chocolate.

I like how the flavour profile changes from the nose to the finish. It starts fruity and this changes slowly to spicy. However, the taste stays a bit behind with the nose. It is somewhat flat and watery, but it is still a fine whisky.