Tasting notes: Aerolite Lyndsay

Aerolyte Lindsay

Aerolite Lyndsay is the first release of The Character of Islay Whisky Company. A new brand from Atom Brands, who you might know from Master of Malt and That Boutique-y Whisky Company. It’s 10-year-old peated Islay single malt, sourced from an undisclosed distillery on Islay. So, unfortunately, we don’t know where this single malt comes from. Something that we increasingly see happening at independent bottlers, because the original distilleries often no longer want their name on the label.

If this is really the case here, I’m not sure. But by creating new ‘characters’, which is the intention with this new brand, it might be a smart and original solution to give them the freedom to release certain Islay single malts and still distinguish themselves from other independent bottlers, without mentioning any distillery names.

Oh if you were wondering where the name Aerolite Lyndsay comes from… It’s an anagram for ‘ten-year-old Islay’. 🙂

It has matured in 70% ex-bourbon barrels, 25% Spanish oak sherry quarter casks, and 5% ‘mystery’ casks. Bottled at 46% ABV.

Aerolite Lyndsay tasting notes:

Nose: Subtle peat and fresh lemons at first. Iodine. This is followed by a hint of vanilla and some green apples. Then ash and tar. Smoked paprika powder. Ending with a sugary sweetness which reminds me of marshmallows. There’s a chalk note here too.

Taste: A hint of peat, some honey and powdered sugar. Burned caramel in the background. Followed by tar and a briny note. Minerals. And lemons here as well. It has a nice creamy mouthfeel.

Finish: Mid-long, with hints of mint and ash.

It’s not very outspoken, but it is quite enjoyable. An easy sipper, which makes it a nice daily dram.

Sample provided by Atom Brands.

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