Tasting notes: Convalmore 1978 – Rare Malts

Convalmore 1978

Yesssss, I’m back from a short break and let’s start with this Convalmore 1978 from the Rare Malts Selection. After a review of a Benromach from the same year a while ago, this is only my second review of a bottle from this Rare Malts series. And that is not entirely strange, because this series was discontinued many years ago.

All single malts released under this label were distilled between the 60s and early 80s and there are many beautiful gems in this series, such as the ones from Brora, Clynelish, St. Magdalene and many others. So you can imagine that these bottles have risen considerably in value and are therefore very popular among collectors and investors.

This Convalmore has matured for 24 years and is bottled at 59.4% ABV.

Convalmore 1978 tasting notes:

Nose: Vanilla and tobacco leaves at first. A hint of stewed fruits and honey. But at the moment it is still fairly closed and the scents are quite concentrated. Then a little coconut appears, followed by hazelnuts. Mandarins. Give it time and it opens up. Apricots here as well. With water: Fruitier and it adds lemons and also some mint. Caramel too.

Taste: Quite a thick mouthfeel. Vanilla, coconut in the background and a hint of ginger. Hazelnuts. Tobacco leaves again. But I think it could use a little water as it is quite peppery from the alcohol. Oranges. With water: fruitier, beeswax, mint and caramel too.

Finish: Long, pink grapefruit in the background and those mandarins again. Peppery. Water adds mint, coconut and caramel.

It’s really good and quite complex, it needs some time to develop and also water helps here to bring out new flavours. Rich and nice mouthfeel. I love it.

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