Tasting notes: Brora 35-year-old – 13th release

Brora 13th release

Is it time to take out the big guns yet? Yeah, why not, after all, it’s almost Christmas! I have some nice & rare drams on the list for you. Those whiskies that are “slightly” above our budget (well, at least for most of us), but that we would really like to taste (well, at least I do). Call it a Christmas special or whatever you want to call it, but that’s what you can expect in the coming week. And I kick off today with one of my favourite distilleries, namely Brora!

So the Brora that I have here is one from the annual Diageo Special releases and this is the 13th release, bottled in 2014. No less than 35 years old and matured in refill American and European oak casks and is bottled at 48,6% ABV.

Brora 35-year-old tasting notes:

Nose: Vanilla, and sligthly briny. A little bit waxy. Some lovely smoke here as well. Minerals. Some sweetness from honey. Oranges, a hint of pineapple and peaches. With water: somewhat floral and it opens up quite a lot! Much more fruity, lovely!

Taste: Quite peaty. More than the nose suggests. A hint of vanilla. Then oranges. It is slightly bitter and little bit thin on the palate. With water: Grapefruit, but the bitterness is gone. It is sweeter. Syrup and wax.

Finish: A long finish with salt and smoke and a hint of pineapple.

It’s a little bit closed at first, but water does really help here! Then it  becomes a beautiful dram that has so much to offer, I love it! Yes this is truly fantastic. 

Photo credit: The Whisky Exchange

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