Tasting notes: Littlemill 27-year-old, Cadenhead

Littlemill 27-year-old

So after last Friday’s Brora, I’m back with another dram from a closed distillery, namely a Littlemill 27-year-old. These Littlemill bottles are still reasonably affordable, at least if you score one at Cadenhead. For instance, the most recently released under the Litlemill label by the Loch Lomond Group did have a completely different price tag, namely a mere £ 2,750 for a 29-year-old Littlemill. This is in stark contrast to the one I’m going to review today, which was sold for a price of around €240 and which has almost the same age. So a big thumbs up for Cadenhead here, who make it possible for us to still be able to taste a Littlemill if you have been able to grab a bottle that is.

This Littlemill has matured in a bourbon hogshead and is bottled at 49.8% ABV. (Released in May 2019).

Littlemill 27-year-old tasting notes:

Nose: Very fresh and fruity, quite a typical Littlemill nose. Green apples, unripe pears, freshly cut grass in the background. Vanilla and a hint of fresh pineapples. A touch of icing sugar. And those banana candies. Lemon pastry and honeycomb. Later I also get mint.

Taste: It’s quite sweet in the beginning, creme brulee and honey too. Then beeswax, lovely! Followed by green bananas, green apples. And, in the end, there is that mint again. Slightly bitter towards the end.

Finish: Mid-long, but a bit dull. Vanilla.

It’s a lovely Littlemill, with those typical Littlemill flavours. Although the highlight is the nose here, as it gets slightly bitter in the taste which is not wanted here. The finish is somewhat weak, unfortunately. But all in all, a nice dram.

Thanks to Jason for the sample and the photo! You can read his review here.

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