Tasting notes: Glenburgie 1998 – Gordon & MacPhail

Glenburgie 1998

Glenburgie is a brand that you don’t see or hear much of. That is because almost all whisky that is produced there is used to make Ballantine’s, although an official 15-year-old single malt has been released a few years ago. But sometimes you see bottles appear at an independent bottler, such as Cadenhead or Gordon & MacPhail. This also applies to this Glenburgie 1998, which was bottled by the latter.

Personally, I have been able to taste a number of Glenburgies in the meantime, but it is not a brand that I often buy a bottle of. Don’t get me wrong, because they are often good. But so far I have found few that really stand out. Anyway, this sample that I received from Gordon & MacPhail was a different story ( Oops, spoiler alert…).

This Glenburgie has matured in a refill American hogshead and is bottled at 55.3% ABV.

Glenburgie 1998 tasting notes:

Nose: Resin, followed by apples and vanilla. A floral note in the background. Then some lemons, which is followed by caramel fudge and a hint of white chocolate. With water: Grapefruit and more towards the lemons. It becomes fresher.

Taste: Chalk and plenty of it. And them some vanilla again. A hint of grapefruit. Peppery. With water: Galia melon. And lemons.

Finish: Mid-long with spices, mostly pepper.

A lovely Glenburgie. Very enjoyable, although I had a little bit of trouble to define the flavours in this one. But that could just be me today. All in all a bottle I could actually buy myself. Just delicious!

Sample provided by Gordon & MacPhail.


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