Tasting notes: Mortlach 1987 – Cadenhead

Mortlach 1987

A few weeks ago I participated in the Cadenhead warehouse tasting in Campbeltown. And I can tell you it was one of the best tastings I have ever had! All drams were drawn straight from the cask and afterwards you can buy these whiskies. As a true¬†Cadenhead fan, you can imagine I didn’t leave¬†that warehouse empty-handed. The first one to review is a Mortlach 1987, and this was also one of my favourites of¬†the tasting. Let’s see if this one is really as good as I think it is.

This Mortlach has matured in a hogshead for 29 years and is bottled at 51,0% ABV.

Mortlach 1987 tasting notes:

Nose: White fruits, some lychees and pears. Then banana and pineapple (what a combination..) followed by¬†some very ripe melons.¬†After a while, add some fennel seeds in the mix and you’ll keep sticking your nose in the glass. Very, very¬†interesting!

Taste: Something zesty mixed with the white fruits again. Very gently sweet. Melons (the very ripe center of a melon, you know that good part ūüėČ ). Fruitiness all over but not too¬†fruity, if that makes any sense. Then you get a little bit of bitternes from a lemon peel or the peel of a unripe citrus fruit. Not bad, it just adds to the complexity and gives something else to this excellent dram.

Finish: The finish is mid-long to long. There is some pastry and cookie dough in there, which gives the finish a nice sweet aftertaste. Something that I can enjoy for quite some time.

Fantastic! I am glad this is living up the expectations that I had. The warehouse tasting gave me a good idea what this whisky had to offer but at home I truly could get all the elements of this wonderful dram. Wow this is really really nice!

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