Tasting notes: Mortlach 1987 – Gordon & MacPhail

Mortlach 1987

After I have been absent for a month, I am finally back! It has been extremely busy and crazy for me over the past few months, so I simply did not have the time or inspiration to write and/or taste anything. The break was therefore necessary, but fortunately it is now heading in the right direction and I feel like it again. So expect a lot of new reviews here. But enough about me, we are here for the whisky! 🙂 So the first one I’m going to review is a Mortlach 1987 from Gordon & MacPhail.

This is actually a special edition for the new Connoiseur Choice series. The series celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and that is why a number of premium expressions will be released, including this Mortlach. All these bottles are at least 30 years old and will come in a luxury package. In addition to these premium bottles, another 30 Connoisseurs Choice single malts will be released.

This Mortlach is 31 years old and has matured in a refill sherry hogshead. Bottled at 54% ABV. There are only 200 bottles available.

Mortlach 1987 tasting notes:

Nose: Oh hello there sherry bomb! Some red fruit at first, like red berries and cranberries. Blueberries too. It has a somewhat sour note that reminds of gooseberries. Dates and honey. A little bit of smoke. And then a hint of leather and tobacco. With water: Sweeter, honey and oranges but almost like orange juice. chocolate. And stewed apples with cinnamon. This is very nice.

Taste: Quite harsh at the beginning due to the alcohol burn. So it could use a little water. Tobacco leaves, and somewhat oaky. Leather and smoke. But also a faint sour note from gooseberries again. With water: Cacao. Honey here too. It’s a bit dusty, but in a good way, if that makes sense.

Finish: The finish is long and dry.  With notes of chocolate and tea.

Ok, although I am not the biggest sherry bomb lover, I can tell this is an excellent one. A little restrained at first, but with a bit of time (don’t be so impatient Noortje!) it works out just fine. The nose is fantastic, as it keeps on changing. But the taste was for me a bit too powerful, but water helped. It has definitely that powerful Mortlach character, so if that is your profile you’re up for something good.

Thanks to Gordon & MacPhail for the sample.

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