Tasting notes: Tormore 5 year old – 1980s

Tormore 5 year old

A long overdue review of this Tormore 5 year old from the 1980s. Actually far too long, since I received this sample from my good friend Jason more than a year ago. Many of you will know him from Malt-review.com, and some of you will know he is also the biggest Tormore fanboy on planet earth. Why that is exactly, no one knows .. But hey we all have our flaws. 😉

So what do we know about this Tormore? Not so much actually, except that it was released in the mid 80s and that it is bottled at 43% ABV. The rather odd design of this bottle has also been used for his older brother; a 10 year old Tormore that was released around the same time.

Tormore 5 year old tasting notes:

Nose: red apples, a hint of pears. A faint menthol note. And there is some mustiness, which is followed by caramel. Creme brulee but I feel the caramel is dominant here. oranges and a bit malty too. Not that bad actually.

Taste: this is rather flat, but there are some sweet fruity notes from pears and apples. Caramel here too. Followed by some honey sweetness and oranges.

Finish: the finish is short to mid-long. With a bit of caramel and a hint of the red apples.

It was nice to try it and I was actually positively surprised by it as it doesn’t get the best reviews or scores. The nose is rather nice, but the taste and finish definitely lack something. An ok dram and quite an easy sipper.

Many thanks to Jason for this sample!

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