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Speyside 1973

After two very good releases last summer, Whiskybase thought it would be a good idea to come back with another Speyside 1973. This time with an outcome of 348 bottles, a lot higher than with the other two releases. But those were sold out almost immediately. Again we don’t know which distillery produced this whisky, except that it is located in the Speyside region. We can only guess… Again… Damn, how I would love to know where these mysterious single malts come from.

This undisclosed Speysider has matured in a butt for 44 years and is bottled 49,4% ABV.

Speyside 1973 tasting notes:

Nose: Again very nice! What is it with these Speyside releases from the early seventies? Oranges and than immediately followed by tropical fruits like papaya and pineapple. Bananas as well. Followed by marzipan and macadamia nuts. Then back to a hint of fresh oranges and a little bit of citrus. A pinch of gingerbread maybe? Later on also honey.

Taste: Tropical fruits to start with: Passion fruit, a hint of guave, papaya, and a slightly bitter edge from pink grapefruit. Sweet honey and oranges as well.

Finish: The finish is super long and uber fruity. There is some bitterness from grapefruit too, but in a pleasant way. A hint of liquorice. And a bit nutty, just like the nose.

Again a fantastic Speyside 1973! This one is even fruitier than the last two editions, and even though it also has a lot of tropical fruit in it, it is quite different from the other two. The finish is a lot longer and keeps on going. Quite nice! 🙂 But be careful with water, don’t add too much as this starfish doesn’t like it.

Thanks to Whiskybase for the sample.

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  1. I’ll have to taste it a second time, as I’m not quite sure yet I find it as fruity as you do. First impression is that it is slightly more oaky than the other two. So I’m waiting a few more days, to see if I still think so then 🙂

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