Today I continue my Irish week and this time I have an Irish 1990 single malt whiskey bottled by the Taiwanese bottler The Whisky Blues.

It’s been a little over a year since he released his first bottle, which was an Invergordon 1974 I then reviewed for Malt. Now he’s back with some new bottlings and this Irish 1990 is one of them. The rest will of course also be reviewed, but this at a later date.

It is unknown from which distillery this single malt comes from or what kind of barrel was used. But it is 29 years old and is bottled at a strength of 49.3% ABV. Only 100 bottles are available.

Irish 1990 Tasting notes:

Nose: Tinned pineapple, pears. Sweet mandarins. Honey in the background. Ripe bananas. Then ginger and some oak. Creme brulee too.

Taste: Mandarins. Pineapple again too, but fresh this time. Vanilla. Caramel. A hint of pink grapefruit. Oak. Ending with some spices, such as cinnamon, cloves and crushed black pepper.

Finish: Short to mid-long and it’s quite dry. Plenty of oak. Cinnamon. Coffee beans, making it somewhat bitter.

It’s good, but it has a little too much of oak in the taste and finish. It’s a tad too bitter for me. The nose, however, is fantastic. But all in all, it’s still nice though.

Sample provided by The Whisky Blues.