Tasting notes: Speyside region 1977 – Whisky Fässle

Speyside Region 1977

Another undisclosed Speysider, with the name Speyside Region 1977. Yes they keep coming! There are so many of these releases at the moment and until now there is not one that has been disappointing. Well, at least not with those I’ve tasted. So far most of the ones I tried were from 1973 but I’ve also had a really great one from 1975. Yup, as I said.. they don’t seem to be dissapointing! 

Anyway, this particulair version is bottled by Whisky Fässle, an online shop and bottler located in Germany. It is 38 years old and has matured in a sherry butt. Bottled at 46,2% ABV. So let’s not wait any longer and go to the essential.

Speyside Region 1977 tasting notes:

Nose: Nice, it reminds me of the “undisclosed” speyside regions from 1973. It’s a similar profile but  it has a higher influence from the cask and a bit less tropical. Some tobacco, chocolate and some fresh tropical fruits. Brambles mixed with pineapple. I get all sorts of weird combinations but it is good.

Taste: Chocolate, After Eight mints. Fruity layers from oranges, pears and some tropical aspects which I think goes towards cooked and caramelised pineapple. Then tobacco and again some chocolate. A fair bit of herbs and cloves but that goes back to a nice mixture of chocolate and some fruity sweetness.

Finish: The finish is a bit short, which is a pity and it is loosing some points there. But again a nice mixture of brambles, berries, chocolate, mint. Then some dryness.

It is good.  Although it may have been slightly more pronounced to my taste, to say that it is extremely good. Nevertheless, it is definitely a very good whisky. Nicely balanced between the sherried aspects and the spirit. And don’t forget all the chocolate notes in this whisky, YUM!

Photo credit: Whiskybase

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