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Springbank 1999

Springbank¬†didn’t belong to my favourite whiskies until recently. I don¬īt know exactly why but¬†I always ignored them a little bit. It just wasn¬īt on my wish list.¬†Perhaps it arose after I first started drinking whisky I’d bought a Springbank, which I found rather rough. After that I always thought that it wasn’t my kind of whisky. But¬†over the years I was yet again curious about Springbank and I found out that I couldn’t have been more wrong! The Springbank whiskies¬†are most of the time really beautiful, but it is not exactly a entry level whisky. This might be my first Springbank review, but you can certainly expect more in the near future.¬†¬†This is a Springbank 1999 from the guys from Whiskybase, released under their own label Archives.

This Springbank has matured in a sherry hogshead for 17 years and is bottled at 50,3% ABV. Cask #269.

Springbank 1999 – Archives tasting notes:

Nose: Smoke and minerals at first. When this settles down, the fruity notes appear. Dried fruit like raisins, a sweet orange and pear, even some green grapes.  Also a bit medicinal with a pinch of anise.

Taste: There is some sweetness from cane sugar, the minerals are back and it is a bit fruity. Ripe pears. Also dried fruit. Then some dark chocolate appears. A bit spicy too, cinnamon and white pepper in the background.

Finish: This is a long finish, nice! Smoke and pepper and slightly dry.

A fantastic Springbank! There is a lot to explore in this one. When I had a second dram I picked up completely new flavours. Quite surprising. The nose and finish are slightly better than the taste, taste is a little bit more flatter, but not much though.

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