Tasting notes: Talisker 57 North

Talisker 57 North

A Talisker 57 North on the menu today! The Talisker 57 North owes its name to the geographical latitude of the location of the¬†distillery, one of the most distant and northern parts of the rugged landscape of the Isle of Skye. Let’s¬†see if it lives up to its name.

This Talisker is a no age statement whisky and is bottled at 57% ABV.

Talisker 57 North tasting notes:

Nose: Campfire smoke, lemon zest, orange, a pinch of anise, soft peat and brine and some sweetness from dark chocolate and caramel.

Taste: Wow, that is punchy! Peat and smoke, lemon, dark chocolate and caramel again and in the end coffee. And peppery, very very peppery. Even with water it is still peppery.

Finish: The finish is dry and peppery, but not very long. Dark coffee or even espresso maybe. There is smoke and a feint hint of ash. With water a bit of caramel as well.

Ok, what shall I say.. It is slightly bitter in the taste and quite rough as well. I find that bitterness rather unpleasant, but I don’t like coffee at all. So it could be just my taste. If you like that bitterness and that punch than this is not a bad whisky at all. With water it¬†becomes a little less rough.

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