Tasting notes: Talisker 8 year old – Special Release 2018

Talisker 8

The Talisker 8 year old was released last year as part of the Diageo Special Releases 2018. These releases take place every year and are always announced in a big way. But to be honest, it always passes me by a bit. I check once what has been selected, but everything is said with that. Most of these bottles are really too expensive for what you get in my opinion and therefore not interesting enough for me.

And then there was this Talisker 8 year old….. At first, I hadn’t paid any attention to it, but it was my good friend Jason who pointed out to me and who was so kind to give me a sample of this young Talisker. According to him, I really had to try this one, so I had no choice but to write a review about it. πŸ˜‰

This Talisker has matured in first-fill ex-bourbon casks and is bottled at 59.4% ABV.

Talisker 8 year old tasting notes:

Nose: It starts kinda fresh and salty, like a sea breeze mixed with seaweed. There’s a nice layer of smoke. And then it starts to become fruitier. Galia melon, a hint of pineapple. and later also lemons and oranges. With water: Fruitier and caramel. A bit of vanilla too.

Taste: A bit sharp and spicy. Chilli peppers? The alcohol is quite strong in this one. There’s some honey sweetness. Vanilla. But is very salty too. A bitter note from grapefruit. And quite peppery again. With water: Still a punch, but this is better. Much fruitier now and less bitter. More honey.

Finish: Mid-long. Smoky and peppery. A touch of caramel.

A lovely dram. A bit into your face in the taste. But it does work well. Very nice. It could use a little water though. Well, at least for me. And then the price… It was initially for sale for about €80,-, which is an ok price for what you get. But if you want to buy it now as it is still for sale in some shops, you pay around €125,- and that is not a price I would pay for this bottle.

Many thanks to Jason for the sample and the beautiful photo!!

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