So Gordon & MacPhail spoiled me again with a ridiculously old single malt. This time they’ve sent me a sample of a 70 year old (!) Glen Grant, distilled in 1948. And this is definitely the oldest whisky I have ever tried. I was actually surprised to see the relatively high ABV on this bottle: 48.6%. That’s quite impressive after so many years of maturation.

This Glen Grant has matured in a 1st fill sherry butt. There were 210 bottles available.

Glen Grant 1948 tasting notes:

Nose: Orange peels, a slight metallic touch, and some lovely smoky notes. Some oil, petrol and grease. It reminds me of an old toolbox, but in a good way. Some honey here. And it’s somewhat salty. A hint of menthol too. Very nice!

Taste: A hint of citric and sour notes right on the first taste. Then a thick and oily mouthfeel. Honey drizzled oranges covered with orange oil. Some soft caramel, milk chocolate and a touch of metallic or ink notes. There are some nice oaky elements (all perfect like it should be). Later on, again some sour notes appear, leaning towards kumquats. Some waxy elements and a slight touch of menthol.

Finish: The finish is long, very long with mostly orange marmalade and oak. Caramel, mocha and some tobacco too. But also some menthol and a beeswax note here. And a hint of cacao.

I’ve tasted a few other whiskies of a 50+ age range but mostly they are either low in alcohol or already suffering from too much oak influence. But this is a completely different experience.

It is great! I love this a lot and I am surprised by the quality and the flavours. This is old but still vibrant, it is stunning to have something ageing this well.

Many thanks to Gordon & MacPhail for the sample!