Whisky samples: why and where to buy them

Whisky samples

Whisky samples¬†are a great¬†opportunity to taste a lot of different whiskies. Every whisky enthusiast is searching for the ultimate whisky. Sticking with one bottle or specific brand is not in our genes ūüėČ But most of us also don’t have deep pockets of money to buy many different full size whisky bottles. There I love the concept of buying whisky samples, it gives you the pleasure of trying something new on a regular base and the fun of shopping around for a nice dram.

I enjoy the fact that you can do a vertical tasting (so several different ages or cask finishes) from the same brand. So you can for instance buy a Lagavulin 12 CS, Lagavulin 16 and a Lagavulin from an independent bottler. And compare the 3 together before you buy a full bottle.

Not sure what your own taste profile looks like or if you would appreciate the whisky? Buy a package of samples and just try it. Some of your local liquor stores might sell whisky samples or miniature whisky bottles. That is a very easy way to start. If you don’t have a good local liquor story to buy whisky samples¬†you can search online and get them shipped to you.

Where to buy whisky samples?

There are many places to buy whisky samples, there are lot’s of people¬†that have a very big collection of open bottles (350+). Sometimes they have a website where the offer the samples. Also a good place to start looking for people that offer sample bottles for sale is facebook or a whisky forum. Below you can find a list of sites that offer whisky sample bottles for sale.

Webshops who offer whisky samples:

People with an open collection that offer whisky samples:

In short the 5 advantages why you should buy whisky samples:

  1. It can save you a lot of money since you don’t have to buy a whole bottle.
  2. Gives you the opportunity to buy many different brands and flavours.
  3. You are able to taste rare and vintage whiskies.
  4. Don’t get stuck with a bottle that doesn’t fit your taste profile.
  5. A great idea as a gift package if you are not sure what to give to a friend.

Lagavulin 8 year old

Lagavulin 8 year old

And here it is! The Lagavulin 8 year old! So this is the one I am going to…

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