Whisky Café L&B is a small, but cosy bar that might be the best whisky bar in the Netherlands. It’s a great place to check out when you are visiting Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Their doors have been open for over 40 years now and is renowned for its many whiskies. For your information: It stocks over 2000 types of whisky! And you can find some really rare single malts over there! It’s also known for stocking the full range of Single Malt Whisky Society bottlings.

Then the place itself; a cosy cafe and wherever your look you will see whisky bottles. The place is packed with bottles and for a real whisky lover it’s a great place to spend some time. In the weekend it can be a very crowded place so either come early (and stay long 😉 ) or try to visit it during the week.

If you have trouble making a choice with this amount of whiskies (which I can imagine), you can always ask someone of the staff. They are very helpful and are more than happy to talk you through the menu.

Whisky Tasting at the bar is also available. There are 12 whisky menus compiled by region and theme. This is a great opportunity to try something else then you are used to.

If you don’t like whisky (which I can’t imagine), you can also enjoy a nice beer or a glass of wine.

Since a few years the owner of the bar is also organizing the Amsterdam Whisky Festival. This originated in the bar itself but quickly grew to big. Once a year Whisky Weekend Amsterdam is held, if you want more information about the festival: www.whiskyamsterdam.nl

Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 82-84, 1017 RD Amsterdam, The Netherlands