Bimber Ex-Bourbon, batch 02/2020

Bimber Ex-Bourbon

Bimber is one of those new distilleries that got off to a flying start. And with good reason, because this small London distillery delivers good quality whisky. The disadvantage, however, is that the bottles, which are released in limited quantities, are chased by enthusiasts and flippers. Making them sell out before you can blink. It, therefore, took a while before I could review something from Bimber again, but I have two reviews in the planning. Starting with this Bimber ex-bourbon cask, the other will follow soon.

This Bimber Ex-Bourbon has, just like the ‘Re-charred oak’ that I reviewed a while ago, a somewhat larger circulation, namely about 2950 bottles. Fortunately, this makes it a bit easier to obtain and you can see that it is still available in a number of liquor stores around Europe. It also gives the opportunity to introduce new people to Bimber (or it’s a chance to finally buy a Bimber again for people like me who are a bit slow sometimes 😉 ).

This Bimber has matured in ex-bourbon casks and is bottled at 52.2% ABV.

Bimber Ex-Bourbon tasting notes:

Nose: oh, this is really nice. Green apples. Apricots. Crème brûlée. Followed by fresh lemons and gooseberries. A hint of marzipan and butter. A little bit of coconut too. Later also acacia honey and a floral note.

Taste: a nice oily texture. Unripe pears. Vanilla, caramel fudge and a hint of toffee. But also those sweet banana candies. Then acacia honey. Pink grapefruit and lemons in the background Quickly followed by cappuccino and the tiniest touch of oak.

Finish: mid-long to long. Honey, vanilla and apricots again.

Initially the best in the nose (I just keep smelling it) because the palate was a bit disappointing at first. But after tasting it a few times and some air, this improves considerably and it becomes also rather fruity there. A really nice single malt, especially when you consider the age. Very enjoyable.

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