And here it is, the Milk & Honey Classic! The first commercial release of this Israeli distillery. Previously there were a handful of limited single malts and also the young single malts (younger than 3 years), but this is their first official core expression.

Outside of Israel, the Netherlands is the first country where this Classic was launched. At first glance, a strange choice to launch it here in Amsterdam, but the Netherlands simply turns out to be the number 1 market for Milk & Honey and the first country to which they exported. The M&H Classic will also be available in other countries worldwide in the near future.

This Milk & Honey has matured in ex-bourbon casks and STR casks for almost 4 years and is bottled at 46% ABV.

Milk & Honey Classic tasting notes:

Nose: Strange smell at first. It seems a little out of balance. But this changes when you leave it to stand for a bit. A floral note, which quickly goes towards wine gums. Honey. And some fruit, such as red apples, oranges but also a hint of blueberries and red grapes. A hint of oak later on, which is followed by caramel and marzipan. Plasticine in the background.

Taste: Honey here as well and it’s somewhat oaky. This is followed by oranges. A hint of vanilla and some caramel too. Then plenty of spices, such as nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves.

Finish: Somewhat short with mostly oak and spices.

Certainly not a bad single malt and it’s quite full of flavour, although it lacks some balance on some points. Maybe a tad too much oak? But all in all a nice first introduction to the first whisky distillery from Israel.

Thanks to Milk & Honey for the bottle!