Tasting notes: Caperdonich 1991 – The Whisky Agency

Caperdonich 1991

The German independent bottler The Whisky Agency is well-known for its quality bottlings. They say that they only bottle such whiskies that they would like to drink themselves. And this seems to be paying off, as they are quite popular these days. I can say that I am also a fan or this bottler. As far as I can remember, I have never tasted a whisky from them that has disappointed me. So for today I sit down with a Caperdonich 1991. So let’s see what this will bring. 🙂

This Caperdonich has matured in a refill hogshead and is bottled at 49,7% ABV. There were 299 bottles available.

Caperdonich 1991 tasting notes:

Nose: Honey, fresh green apples, very pleasant fresh and light. A little bit nutty, milk chocolate. Sugar which gives some sweetness that is overpowering the honey aspects. With some water: unripe pears.

Taste: More of the green apples here, honey too. Hazelnuts and milk chocolate. Something I found in Caperdonich before. Then sweetness from sugar, which makes it quite sweet. With water: more on the honey and a thicker mouthfeel. The ginger also appears.

Finish: Some ginger and a little bit citrus in the finish. A few spices as well. With water somewhat more bitter.

It’s nice one. Not spectaculair, but very enjoyable. It’s quite light and fresh. Rather heavy on the honey and sugar sweetness, though. I think this will do well in the summer.

Many thanks to David for the sample!

Picture credit: Whiskybase.

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