Tasting notes: Caperdonich 1992 – Tony Koehl series

Caperdonich 1992

This Caperdonich 1992 was bottled by the Creative Whisky Company and is part of the Tony Koehl series. This series is named after the artist who designed the labels. It’s not exactly my style of art, but they are funky and different. They stand out and so do the whiskies in this series: Imperial, Littlemill and Glen Keith. All whiskies come from closed distilleries. Well, at least at the time of bottling, as Glen Keith was reopend shortly afterwards.

A great series, and luckily I had the chance to purchase a bottle of this Caperdonich some time ago. And now, being at the end of the bottle, I finally had the time to sit down and write a review about it.

This Caperdonich is 20 year old and is bottled at 52,2% ABV. Cask no. 121137 (what kind of cask is unknown).

Caperdonich 1992 tasting notes:

Nose: Honeycomb but that is on the back label.. 😉 But it is actually there and lots of it. Marzipan, sweet cookie dough, cherries, and a faint hint of bubblegum. Funny, I have never picked up the cherries like this before. Nicely integrated with the honeycomb. It’s a bit grassy, some pepper and a cooked fruit compote to finish it off.

Taste: Sweet honey and cherry marmelade, apples too but oh boy there is so much honey. Nice! The grassy aspect is here as well. Some lovely lime / citrus flavours. And fennel too.

Finish: Mid-long and somewhat peppery which makes it a little bit spicy. But is still fresh because of the citrus influence. Honey and some marzipan.

Wow what a nose! Not like a Caperdonich from the ultimate vintage 1972, but this is very good. When I opened the bottle the taste was much more peppery and spicy, but that is almost gone now. The bottle has been open for quite some time, but it didn’t loose its fine fruity and sweet character. It is not living up to the legendary 72’s but for a more recent Caperdonich this is a great release.

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