Tasting notes: Kilkerran 11 year old – Open day 2017

Kilkerran 11 year old

And while the Campbeltown Malts festival 2018 is in full swing… I will review one of last year’s festival bottlings today: A Kilkerran 11 year old. This one was available during the open day of the Glengyle distillery. So it’s just a bit overdue. 🙂

Different from other Kilkerran releases that I’ve tasted so far, is that this bottling is triple distilled. That should ensure that the flavours become lighter and fruity, also more subtle.

This Kilkerran has matured in 1st fill bourbon casks and is bottled at 60,3% ABV. There were 192 bottles available.

Kilkerran 11 year old tasting notes:

Nose: Lots of citrus. Butter cookies. Then very sweet mandarins. Een hint van jute fabric. And there is some vanilla in the background. Whoa, this is really nice! The longer it stands the sweeter it becomes. A pinch of yellow bananas, not the real ones but the candy. Cherry coke, as in Dr. Pepper. And a tiny hint of cocos.

Taste: Tinned mandarins. Then butter, and somewhat creamy. It’s also quite sweet with vanilla, cookie dough, and a bit of caramel. Water adds minerals and fresh oranges.

Finish: A bit creamy and mid-long. Some wood spices here as well, peppery too. with water: Also Oranges.

This is very very nice. Another great delivery from Kilkerran, which again proves that whisky can be very interesting at a young age. It keeps on changing, such a interesting dram. Lovely!

Thanks to Jason for the sample and the lovely photo!

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