Tasting notes: Langatun Jacob’s Dram 2013

Langatun Jacob's Dram

We’re going back to Switzerland today with the latest Langatun Jacob’s Dram release. I reviewed one a few years ago and I was very impressed by the good quality. Especially since it was only 6 years old. After that, I got to taste a few others from Langatun at a festival and they were certainly not bad either. A distillery that I certainly keep an eye on.

But back to this Jacob’s dram which was distilled on the 27th of June 2013 and was bottled in January of this year (2019 in case you don’t remember 😉 ). So the one I have in store for you today is even a little younger. This one is only 5 years old, although, in reality, they differ in age by about half a year.

It has matured in a Pinot Noir cask (#58) and is bottled at 49,12% ABV. The price of this bottle? About €80,-, but I have to mention it is a 50cl bottle.

Langatun Jacob’s Dram tasting notes:

Nose: Quite sweet with definitely some influences from the pinot noir cask. Sweet and sour red grapes. It’s a little malty, biscuits and some honey notes. A hint of citrus. Then this is followed by bananas and milk chocolate. Cranberries too. Quite interesting as it keeps developing. With water: Uber fruity. More of the pinot noir so it seems.

Taste: Quite thick and creamy for such a young single malt. Lovely! Very sweet here too. Almonds. Dark chocolate and some honey. Strawberries and cranberries. It is somewhat salty. And a slightly bitter edge in the end, but very minimal. With water: Even more sweeter and fruitier.

Finish: This is mid-long. A little sourness from cranberries. And nutmeg.

This is again an interesting one. The flavours continue to develop nicely in both nose and taste. Water isn’t necessarily needed, but it does make it a lot fruitier. Excellent stuff and the pinot noir cask works great here with the Langatun spirit. Very nice.

Many thanks to Langatun for the bottle!

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