Tasting notes: North Port 1976 – Cadenhead

North Port 1976

Sometimes you come across a dram that has been offered to you of a distillery you never tried. Well North Port was on my list of never tasted distilleries and being a closed distillery the opportunity doesn’t rise too often. Therefore I was very grateful to receive a sample of the North Port 1976 , Cadenhead botteling. Well nothing can go wrong right? A very good independent bottler and a closed distillery.

This North Port has matured in a oak cask for 18 years and is bottled at 61,4% ABV.

North Port 1976 tasting notes:

Nose: Quite a restrained nose, some fine lime and honey. A whiff of malted barley and some biscuits.

Taste: Biscuits in the taste, some lime and a small touch of oak. The alcohol is high but you will not notice that in the taste, very smooth and easy to drink. Sweet malted barley and some honey. Quite punchy from the oak. It improves with water, a bit more lime is added and little less of the oak.

Finish: Mid to long finish giving a thick mouthfeel. It’s coating your mouth with honeyed biscuits. Lime and sugar canes with is very nice!

Ok, It’s good and it’s also very well blended together. No rough edges, not watery. The lime aspect is a refreshing element in the spirit that you don’t see often, a full bottle would be great to try during the forthcoming summer period. But it could have lasted a bit longer in the cask. It made me curious for more North Port though…

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