Tasting notes: Langatun Old Bear – Cask Proof

Langatun Old Bear

After reviewing the Langatun Jacob’s Dram a few weeks ago, we’re back with another single malt from this lovely Swiss distillery. This time I’ve tasted the Langatun Old Bear. It is one of their Classic series, but different from the others in this range is that the Old Bear is made from peated barley. So this is the only smoky single malt they have.

The name “Old Bear” is actually a tribute to Jacob Baumberger who founded the Langatun Distillery in 1860. The Bear became then the emblem of the family business.

This Langatun has matured in Châteauneuf-du-Pape casks and is bottled at 63% ABV. This is the cask proof edition, but there is also a version bottled at a strength of 40%.

Langatun Old Bear tasting notes:

Nose: There is a trace of smoke, but less then I expected. Wine Gums. Honey. A lemon note in the background. And it’s a bit malty, grainy biscuits. A chocolate note and later it goes more towards the lemons. With water: It’s becoming fruitier, with mainly oranges and lemons. It is still malty and a little bit grassy? Powdering sugar too.

Taste: Again a bit of smoke, but not much either. Wine Gums, grainy biscuits and a hint of lemons again. And honey here as well. Sugar and chocolate. Somewhat spicy which is due to the high ABV, I think. With water: More subtle and the smoke is completely gone now.

Finish: The finish is rather long. A bit smoky and very sweet. A pinch of ginger too.

This is dangerously drinkable at 63%. But is a bit too sweet for me. I was also hoping for a bit more smoke in the nose and taste as I think it would be a nice opponent to the sweetness. But all in all certainly not bad.

Many thanks again to Langatun for the bottle!

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