Tasting notes: Glengoyne 40 yo – Elixir Distillers


Another whisky with an impressive age on the menu today, this time a Glengoyne 40 yo. It’s bottled by Elixir Distillers for their Single Malts of Scotland series. This one got to my attention during the Dornoch Whisky festival, and I was quite impressed by it. Fortunately, I was able to take home a sample so that I could taste it again in the comfort of my own home. Now let’s see if it is still as good as I remember.

This Glengoyne has matured in a sherry cask and is bottled at 56,8% ABV.

Glengoyne 40 yo tasting notes:

Nose: Tobacco leafs, cherries and some honey. Earl grey tea, almond milk, chocolate. Then we go towards floral tones and blueberries. Everything covered with a perfect thin honey layer.

Taste: Wood notes are speaking here, then towards fruit syrup. Developing into very sweet tinned pineapple and honey melon. Then we head over to coffee and dark chocolate. Followed by some spices and cloves. There is a bitter aspect to this whisky, which I have not tasted before.

Finish: Tobacco and some smoke which is a pleasant surprise. There is a slight metallic edge, but I can’t really define where this is coming from. Then sweet fruits ending into a somewhat dry finish.

I tried this Glengoyne 40 twice and it’s a very good whisky. It is loosing some points in the taste because the bitter aspects put me a bit off. But, for the sherried whisky lovers out there, this will be a big 92+ dram for you guys. My personal score is just a bit lower but this is a very good whisky.

Eddy, thanks for the sample!

Picture: Whiskybase

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